Monday, January 7, 2013

Welcome Elsie!

Call off the search, I am still alive!!  LOL!  I know I have been missing for a few months but I have a good reason . . .  Elsie was born!  She was 9lbs 15ozs and I had her without any drugs (that's right, don't mess with me).

She was born November 24th and I have been thrown into a spiral of baby and holiday craziness!  I am hoping to start collecting coupons this Sunday and weeding through my coupon binder. I have been getting samples but I fear I would have to do a 3 hr video to cover it all. So my plan is to just start fresh next week (maybe a few highlights of some stuff I have gotten).  If any of you couponing/sampling mamas out there have any advice on how you juggle it all please LET ME KNOW! 


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