Monday, September 17, 2012

Being Kind to Your Postal Worker

I love getting free samples in the mail.  It makes everyday feel like Christmas!  My favorite days are the days when I open my mailbox and wonderful surprises come pouring out.  Something I have come to realize is that after I apply for my samples and kick back my postal worker's job has just started.  They are the ones responsible for making sure all my freebies and packages make it safely to me.

We moved recently (not so fun when preggo BTW).  I did the responsible thing and had my mail forwarded early.  I really liked our old Mail Woman.  She was so thoughtful and patient with all my loot.  She really spoiled me.  SO much so that when I greeted our new mail man I felt disappointed that he wasn't as friendly as she had always been (if you currently have an awesome mail person, be GRATEFUL!).  His strictly business attitude scared me that may not be as considerate of treasures.

At first I just whined about it to my hubby.  This, of course, did nothing to help the situation.  Then  one night it came to me . . . "I should leave him a nice note, introducing ourselves!".  I thought I was brilliant. Hubby thought I was crazy (this is pretty normal with my "aha!" moments lol).  So, I go to work.  Printing a cute little note and pasting it to some scrapbook paper in a very Celia fashion.  I decided to add a small care package of items I have gotten for free couponing and that I felt a postal worker could use (small hand sani, tissues, candy bar, and sunflower seeds).  The letter explained that I would be getting a lot of mail and pre-thanking them for their hard work.

The result was amazing!  The next day he came to the door and we arranged a place for packages when I am not home.  He has been so nice and really helpful.  So, here is the moral of my story.  Be kind to your postal worker!  You can never go wrong with a random act of kindness.  Whether you have a great relationship or no relationship with your mail person a small note can really make a difference.  

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