Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mind Jar

Mind jar, eh?  Yes. Mind jar.  No, this is not some mystical brew but it is pretty magical.  It is a mason jar filled with shimmery colored water and sparkles.  Sounds pretty basic but think about it . . .so are most of our kids' favorite things (boxes, bubbles, water etc).   This is a quick and easy diy project that can be a really helpful tool for us mamas.  Being a little person in a big world can be overwhelming. Over stimulated kids = tantrums, whines, fusses, and tears.  As parents this can become a hard situation to handle and feels like no matter what we do the madness escalates to catastrophic proportions.   This is where the jar comes in as your trusty sidekick (minus the cape and snazzy lines). Have your child sit in a quite place with no TV or big distractions and hand them the jar (it also works great if you just put them on your lap or hold their hand while they explore the jar).  As your lil' one shakes the jar the glitter dances around and makes beautiful soothing swirls.  This, can often times refocus them and you.   I think the best results come if you do not associate this with a "time out" . . . the idea of being punished is stressful for kids.  This is just a tool to help calm them down so you can come to a solution without all the meltdowns. There is just no reasoning with a screaming toddler.

What you need:
  • 1 bottle of glitter glue (any color is fine)
  • food color
  • Mason Jar (pint or quart works)
  • enough warm water to fill jar 

Fill jar with warm water (about 2 fingers space from the brim).  Add food a few drops of food color and about 3 tbsp of glitter glue (I didn't measure, I just did it until the glitter was to my liking).  Shake jar like a mad women.  Who needs a shake weight?  It may take a min or so to get the glue mixed completely.  I warmed my water in the microwave and held onto the jar with a towel while I shook it (it gets pretty warm which is why I do not say this is a kid friendly craft).  And poof!!  You have your very own Mind Jar.

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