Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cloth Diapering

Cloth Diapering.  Holy Cow is it overwhelming!!!!  I have read soooo many articles/blogs and watched a ton of youtube videos.  Today I visited my favorite local baby shop Best Loved Baby and got to practice with some prefolds which totally helped my decision!  Here is my first prefold . . .I am so proud!

 She can now pee with confidence :)  So here is my plan. I am going to use the Thirsties Brand Duo Wrap with Cloth-Eez Organic Prefolds.  If you are a cloth diapering newbie like I was this is all foreign.  First let me start with a small vocab lesson.  These are very basic definitions!

Cloth Diaper Definitions

Prefold:  A cloth insert used when cloth diapering.  This is what absorbs the pee and poo.  The ones I have used/seen are a rectangle that have three sewn columns for you to fold along.  The outer two layers have about 4 layers and the inner layer has 6-8 layers (usually).  These can be laid in a cover, pinned on, or used with a Snappi. 

AIO:  This is an All In One Diaper.  The cover and absorbent inner lining is attached as one unit. These are really easy to use.  No prefolds or additional liners are required.  They work just like a disposable diaper but you keep them.  They do take longer to dry and harder to really get clean.  Your load of laundry also just doubled in size from just using a prefold.

Diaper Cover:  This is usually a lined cover that goes over your actual cloth diaper/prefold.  You can get them with snaps or velcro.  They ALL fit differently just like any other diaper.  What I like about the Thirsties Brand covers is that they have these amazing gussets that help prevent leaks.  Using a cover seems to be less washing to me.  Like I said most are lined with a waterproof material that can easily be wiped clean. So you are pretty much just changing out the prefold.  I mean you obviously have to wash them but not as often.  

Pocket Diaper:  These are relatively new. They are a two piece diaper with an inner portion made of fleece and a waterproof layer that makes up the outermost part.  Absorbent material is used inside the two pieces making the diaper act as an AIO.

Snappi:  This replaces a the old fashion diaper pins.  It is T shaped and attaches to the three areas of the prefold (you can see the one I used in the pic above to give you an idea).  These are super easy to use and don't prick you :)   I like getting stabbed less.

Diaper sprayer:  A really cool little device that hooks up to your toilet so you can pre spray the "love" out of your diaper.  It reminds me of the sprayers on a kitchen sink.

Okay so thats my brief lil lesson. Yes I know there is more . .. much much more.  But this lil cheat sheet will help you understand my system choice.The breakdown of my diaper get down.  Here is the cost breakdown of my self devised starter kit and some pictures to help you envision.

My Diaper System Breakdown

- Six Thirsties Brand Duo Wrap Covers solid color with snaps size 1: $11.25 ea = $67.50
(size one covers fit 6lbs to 18lbs)

- 3 doz Cloth-Eez Organic Prefolds Small Yellow Edge: $33.00 doz = $99.00
(13x13.75 in long Cloth-Eez prefolds found at

- Bum Genius Cloth Diaper Sprayer: Around $45.00

- Two 2pk snappi: $6.50 a pk = $13.00

Total = $224.50

Not too shabby considering using disposable diapers costs about $800 per year.

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